Calgary Single Family Market Stats – January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013 Let's take a look at the Calgary real estate market statistics specifically the single family market. Currently there are 259 sales pending in the single family housing market in Calgary overall, leaving 2086 listings still for sale. The resulting pending ratio is 11.0% (259 divided by 2,345). So you might be asking yourself, that's great... but what exactly does it mean? I'm glad you asked! The pending ratio indicates the supply & demand of the market. Specifically, a high ratio means that listings are in demand and quickly going to contract. Alternatively, a low ratio means there are not enough qualified buyers for the existing supply. "Current inventory is described as somewhat slow."
Taking a closer look, we notice that the $200K - $400K price range has a relatively large number of contracts pending sale. We also notice that the $400K - $600K price range has a relatively large inventory of properties for sale at 704 listings. The median list price (or asking price) for all properties in this market is $544,350.
A total of 5864 contracts have closed in the last 6 months with a median sold price of $425,250. Breaking it down, we notice that the $200K - $400K price range contains the highest number of sold listings. Alternatively, a total of 4037 listings have failed to sell in that same period of time. Listings may fail to sell for many reasons such as being priced too high, having been inadequately marketed, the property was in poor condition, or perhaps the owner had second thoughts about selling at this particular time. The $400K - $600K price range has the highest number of off-market listings at 1,478 properties.
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