Building vs. Buying

Should you consider building an inner city home or just buying?

Buying a home or building a new one? This could be one of the hardest dilemma you can ever have when thinking of moving to a new house. This is such a major decision that needs careful thinking and attention. And sometimes, you tend to become emotional about this decision for it does not only promise a great new beginning for you and your family, your financial security is tied to this too for it could be the largest financial decision you’ll ever make in your life.

When you get too emotional about making decision, it clouds the better judgment and could lead you into buying or building a new home that is simply not right for you and that you might commit some critical mistakes you’ll regret for a lifetime.

It’s best to know exactly what you really want and what you essentially need and study your options before making any big decision.

Either buying or building will get you into a new house for sure, but they are two different directions with different issues that you need to carefully consider and study. We hope that this article will help you come up with the best and the right decision for you.

Buying a Home
Buying a new home can really look very simple to some. But it’s not as simple as just contacting a real estate agent and hiring him/her to find the right home for you and you’ll wake up the next day you are already at your new home. Reality is, it’s more than that!

The Pros


  • You can find a great value for your hard-earned money or risky financial loan in existing home for you can have an opportunity to negotiate the price down especially when the home you found does not totally meet your exact expectations.
  • You may also save yourself from buying additional appliances and fixtures for they are often included in the total price of the home.
  • The previous owner may have enhanced some features of the home like the flooring, painting, kitchen cabinets, window blinds and others that you actually wanted but you might not be able to afford if you purchase them.
  • Landscaping in most established neighborhoods is often complete and mature. That means you don’t need to spend money filling up your yard with plants and trees.
  • Craftsmanship and materials of these houses are very superior that it will be very expensive if you will have it built yourself.



  • You can move in to your new home in just a short period of time. It may take only 30-45 days from the time of your purchase.
  • You can possibly find an established home in the neighborhood that you really interested in to live from the beginning. And it’s possible that there are no new homes being built in the area that can disturb the tranquility of the home you found.


The Cons


  • You may not really find the perfect home you’ve ever wanted since the house is already built and you have no chance to be involved in its design process.
  • You have to deal with a floor layout that doesn’t match your exact needs.
  • Existing homes, due to the old-age of some, need a special attention to maintenance or renovations.
  • Older homes, that are not upgraded to new technology yet, are usually less energy efficient.



  • Dealing with buying a home may be stressful at times especially when finding and making an offer when you are in a seller’s market. Getting a deal done during these times has to be fast. You don’t want to be stuck in a bidding war for sure.


Building a Home
Building a home could be an amazing idea. The fact that you will be building your own home from the ground up is fulfilling already. Plus all the things you can do in customizing your home from the layout to the design to the interior finishing and decorations – that flexibility you can get to achieve the home you really like is simply great! But don’t decide on this too quickly for there are some drawbacks and important considerations that you need to take.

The Pros


  • Building a home from the ground up is  a very fulfilling thing to do and the emotional attachment you’ll have with would really be special.
  • You will be involved in the design process so you could get what you want and what you need. You have all the opportunity to let your architect and builder know that, discuss and collaborate with you until
  • The construction method and materials are updated already following the modern standards and safety measures. For some it could even be environment-friendly.
  • You can choose your home furnishings, fixtures and appliances if you plan to buy those for the new house.
  • Your home is totally new and you will be the first family to live there.


The Cons

Stress and Waiting Time

  • Building your home may take a really long time from the design stage up to the finishing stage of the construction. It may take 6 to 12 months before it gets done and sometimes even longer than that.
  • Aside from the long time of waiting, you will deal with a lot of problems during that process for there are decisions that you need to make and considerations to take that may challenge your patience and tolerance.



  • The expenses in building your custom home can grow and grow until it becomes too expensive already that you have to come to a point that you have to sacrifice the things that you wanted.
  • You have to learn to expect ‘unexpected extra expenses’ if you want to have your house done and meet your expectations.


In the end, either you choose to buy a home or build a new one, both will give you a headache at some point. This stress doesn’t need to be deadly if you plan your actions carefully and make critical decisions. A good stress is much needed for you to really appreciate the kind of dream home you get in the end. And that would be totally rewarding!