Living in Calgary : Cabin Cafe

Cabin Cafe : A great place to sit and chill!

I was in the Rosscarrock area in SW Calgary (which is off of Bow Trail) with a client at a home inspection and came across this fabulous cafe and sandwich place called Cabin Cafe.  I was very surprised at the friendliness of the staff, and the quality of the food.  If your looking for a quick lunch, a place to sit down and read the paper on a couch in front of the large fireplace or meet some friends for a latté, then this is a place you should check out.  It is located just off of Bow Trail in the SW (Westbrook Mall) part of the city. I enjoyed a turkey panini with cranberry, spinach and mozza cheese... and it was fabulous.  They also specialize in glutton free meals to enjoy while your there.  Stop by and say hello to this great spot in Calgary.  Now get out and enjoy Living in Calgary.

Cabin Cafe & Mercantile on Urbanspoon Transcription Text: "Hey this is Jared Chamberlain with "Living in Calgary" and" "So I am outside of Cabin Cafe, which is south of Bow Trail, which I'm sure you can kind of hear behind me or behind you, I guess it's in front of me. But this is a great coffee shop. A great little fine. Kind of a knish little market. They have sandwiches, super healthy gluten-free lunches and breakfasts. A great place to come and do some work out of the office. A pretty little coffee shop. So if your'e in the West Brook area, SouthWest of Calgary here, this is a great place for you to come check out.  Again, Cabin Cafe. Today I have got myself a Turkey Panini that's got some spinach and cranberries and white nut and I'm looking forward to it. So have a wonderful day. Get out and enjoy living in Calgary. We'll see you guys later."

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