Living in Calgary : Sedar Grove Pizza and Donair

Another Great Donair Spot in Calgary

I've been on a Donair kick over the last couple weeks and have surprisingly found another great hidden gem of a place.  You may have driven by it hundreds of times and not known it's there... I did!  The other day I was itchin' for a good donair and I turned to my trusty Calgary Food Guide (Urbanspoon on my iPhone). I was around SAIT on 16th Ave and came across this great place, Sedar Grove Pizza and Donair.  I wasn't too sure as from the outside and the appearance of the place it was a bit sketchy, but WOW... what a great Donair I had that day!!!  These guys focus on the quick take out and this is what they do well.  If your looking for a great take away slice or a fabulous Donair or Shawarma, than this is another great gem in Calgary. Now make sure you get out and enjoy Living in Calgary!

Sedar Grove Pizza & Donair on Urbanspoon Transcription Text: "Hi, this is Jared Chamberlain with" "So I'm outside the Sedar's Grove Pizza and Donairs and I'm just checking this place out and so far, it looks really tasty. So they have been doing donairs and pizzas for a long time. It's a great location right across from Sait. On I think around 17th here, just off the 16th Avenue on 17th Street. So come check them out. If you are looking for a quick take out type meal, this is definitely a great place to stop in for some great pizza, donairs and that sort of things. So have a wonderful day. Get out and enjoy living in Calgary. We'll talk to you guys later."

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