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The Main Dish is your real meal alternative. Being local Calgarians, they understand what drives us.  Calgary is driven by a fast-paced, health conscious, time-short lifestyle. Seven years went into researching and sharply defining these needs, building a lifestyle eating option, hand-picking the best chefs, scouting our city’s beautiful neighbourhoods to find the best location and now...finally, bringing balance a little closer to you. We will strive to add value to your life with a core promise to provide you with fantastic, freshly prepared food at a fair price with maximum convenience. Which I can say they deliver. I have had many meals here whether eating in house or taking out.  They have superb breakfasts, sandwiches, gourmet home meals... and much more!  If your looking for a fantastic caterer, this could be the place to check out for you. In my mind this is a great place to have in Calgary as we are all looking for healthy options instead of the drive-thru... and we have found it here at The Main Dish. Now get out and enjoy Living in Calgary! Transcription Text Hey this is Jared Chamberlain of So I'm outside the Main Dish which is down in Bridgeland. This is a phenomenal place where you can come get a quick lunch. It's healthy and it's great. I highly recommend it. You could stay in, have great breakfasts, lunches whatever maybe. You can take out the food. They got everything from sandwiches, burgers. They got pre-made ribs so you could take it home. Tons of salads and vegetables cooked. All that kind of stuff. It's great. So check them out, the Main Dish. We'll talk to you guys later. The Main Dish on Urbanspoon

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